Pure Pleasure a collection of erotica interludes, is a very descriptive and exciting book that keeps the attention of the audience. Pure Pleasure is a highly erotic book only suited for mature audiences 18 years of age or older. Dr. Monica Hayes is the author of Pure Pleasure a collection of erotica interludes and she has spent the majority of her career as an educator, she is very comfortable speaking to public audiences.
   In addition, Dr. Hayes enjoys speaking about her book and sharing knowledge of erotica subject matter on her weekly podcast radio program, Dr. Monica's Corner, which airs on the Exquisite Podcast Radio Network.
   If you would like to ask Dr. Monica a question about her book Pure Pleasure, or would like to be a guest on her weekly podcast please Text: 850-273-8408 or Email: purepleasureerotica@gmail.com

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Pure Pleasure: A ...

Monica Hayes


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“Digital Marketers” have a lot to gain or lose by taking on challenging projects that are geared to impress their clients. There are so many challenges and obstacles the digital marketing professional has to work through to even make his or her campaign idea a reality.  Capturing an audience is the number one goal, but keeping them engaged and interested is the payoff goal.

Demonstrations of Digital Marketing Professionalism is an easy to understand guide into the world and operations of the digital marketing agency. The digital marketing business is filled with plenty of ideas that want to help drive businesses and brands, but do their high budget ideas actually work?

In the book the author, Garland L. McLaughlin, demonstrates the usage of practical application tools that have driven successful modern marketing campaigns online and offline.  


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VETAKIA is a science fiction novel written by Kantigi Camara. The novel focuses on a young flight school academy cadet named Kwabena Winchester. Shortly after graduating from the Confederation of Unified Planets Space Academy, Kwabena Winchester is engaged in intergalactic battles and negotiations to restore peace throughout the galaxy. The novel is exciting and an adventurous tale of space exploration and cosmic battle scenes.


Mr. Kantigi Camara is a native of North Carolina and is a historian of events related to African American culture and society. As a master of library sciences Mr. Camara performed over 30 years of service in the Boston Public Library system as a librarian, and head librarian for the African American Institute at Northeastern University.

Mr. Camara has had positive and unique impacts on communities, and families as a result of his involvement in public service. Throughout his career Mr. Camara has received numerous commendations for his involvement in activities surrounding African American communities throughout New England, and the country.

As a collector of postage stamps Mr. Camara focused on collecting African Americans on postage stamps. This hobby quickly developed into an intricate theme that gradually drove Mr. Camara’s career to elevated heights. For his work and dedication within African American communities Mr. Camara was recognized by the United States Postal Services for his public speaking and educational seminars. These seminars and public speaking engagements identified the historical facts behind African Americans which have been immortalized on postage stamps throughout the world. 

Mr. Camara’s love for science fiction and futuristic media has driven the conversation and imagination of many young adults that have been influenced by Mr. Camara’s services as a librarian and historian. This latest novel VETAKIA strives to continue to create history and pathways for African Americans to continue creating history in the future.
   Mock-Up Test is a novel that takes readers through the tortuous phases of how Morpheus “Cash” Blitz comes up with the correct solutions at the correct times. Throughout the mock-up testing phases of a project that Morpheus is involved in he displays an in your face consulting and project management style. This style is very unnerving and annoys most of the corporate under achievers which Morpheus comes in contact with.
   When Morpheus is given the reigns to come into an organization and turn it upside down to find the missing money everyone feels uneasy. Morpheus “Cash” Blitz turns simple ideas into rational solutions, and he also turns lengthy and complex selling cycles into liquid cash.
   There’s trouble at Xero Trouble Gear, an aging Fortune 1000 company which has not been producing anything of value lately. Morpheus is reluctant to take on XTG as a client, simply for the fact that XTG has had a recent string of unbreakable failures. XTG must get a touch of the Morpheus “Cash” Blitz magic, or it may be lights out for XTG for good.


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 Christopher Blake is a budding young talented computation programmer and sociology specialist with talents for coordinating communication. Throughout his college years and early professional career Christopher always passed the basic tests that result in getting the right people to pay attention. Advertising, media, and various forms of digital technology applications converted ordinary people into a following that tipped the balances of political and economic power.   VNOC (Virtual Network Operations Center) 211997 was Christopher’s secret economy filled with bit currency miners on auto pilot. In the real time economy society was heading downward due to the political manipulation of the Corporatocracy, and elitist that only paid attention to corporate funding. All else in society was either manipulated or controlled under the direction of the Corporatocracy.  

   Christopher Blake and companion Jeanette were double agents of a masterfully crafted social and economic take over that restructured corporate rules and put state controlled journalism to sleep. As Christopher and Jeanette endured questions from the Council on Foreign Relations and corporations that they free-lanced for they never lost their cool.  Their secret purpose to return balance to society remained hidden online in the abyss corners of “Nowhere Land”, an inner pocket of the digital universe that only Christopher and Jeanette knew how to access through their cloud activated CPANEL.  

   As the Advertising Overlord, Christopher gains an early following and is able to grow t his following into an army of opportunists that unknowingly follow all of Christopher’s commands through VNOC-211997. These opportunists compile their skills in a multitude of industries, and those skills are tied together to run independent of the Corporatocracy’s inquiring eyes.  By simultaneously controlling the distribution of media and a secret digital economy, Christopher and Jeanette can either crush the old world empires, or remain silent ... Click Here to Purchase on Amazon