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Ashley Sloan  Owner, tax accountant  Accrual World Accounting & Tax Service



“I was asked a few months back if I would be interested in an interview with Garland McLaughlin for The Digital Conglomerate Magazine. Not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into, I obliged....what a FANTASTIC experience! The article was expertly written and meticulously crafted in a way that any and every reader would enjoy. Garland is a top-notch, well organized interviewer, reporter, and motivator. The magazine, which I now read often, is packed with consistently informative pieces and extraordinarily well written articles. I love it and would (and have!) recommend that everyone browse the Magazine and get yourself hooked! Kudos Garland, keep up the AWESOME work!”

John P. Connors MD FACS (Fellow, American College of Surgeons)



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Nick Roberson (National Project Manager For NACA and Business Owner)


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Omar Fares and Gabe Espinosa Owners of CK Deli and Cafe


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Hasani Pettiford (Motivational Speaker and Relationship Expert)


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Andrew Tsibulsky – Owner of Lucky 50 Vodka


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Carlton Lennon - Financial Professional


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LaTonya Higgins - Director of Technology at Web Marketing Academy


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Samuel S. Rodrigues, MBA, Notary President/CEO, M.Y H.O.O.D


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Michael Beasley (Actor)


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Billy D. Foster aka Billy Bad Axx (Founder of Urban Fashion Week)


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L. Simone Hart, President of The Digital Conglomerate Magazine Inc.


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Songwriter JCDUBBLE Stacks


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 Moni'soi Humes - Brand Designer



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Keith Carter aka Dj KSki


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Chad A. O'Connor, M.A. (Adjunct Professor of Communication/ Communication Consultant)


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James Donaldson - Author: Standing Above The Crowd, Former NBA All Star


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Norwood - Music Artist