About Us

Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC stresses value to customers as well as the brands we market. Our agency is able to help brands deliver their message through our Abundance Trade Group partnerships and agency publication services. With the combination of all of our partners involved we direct marketing campaigns as well as design them. Our magazines Exquisite Fusion Magazine and the Digital Conglomerate Magazine extend the messages of our customers. 


Customers come first and how they view the way we work on their projects speaks volumes. We cater to meeting the needs of our customers and businesses which hire us to create their campaigns and strategically deliver marketing solutions. Promoting and enhancing brand images is a passion of ours. Providing marketing data analysis, strategy, SEO, visual design, branding, public relations, and publishing are all core services that the business performs regularly. 

We dig deeply into analyzing and finding solutions for business and organizations through our case study process. Marketing as well as business solutions are identified and initiated through this process. Expert levels of technology consulting and implementation have proven to give our agency formidable advantages throughout niche marketable industries. Technology plays a key role in satisfying the needs of our customers. We believe in lending our time appropriately and creating partnerships with savvy technology experts to deliver projects to our clients in a timely fashion.


With over 7 years of experience running primarily as a digital marketing and communications firm we have the experience and expertise to create infusing, and interactive advertisements for our global audiences. Our creative passion to bring your ideas to life through proven marketing strategies is always a given. We fully execute our unique strategies with flawless follow through techniques.





Application Design, Brand Strategy, Campaign Design + Delivery, Content Management, Digital Marketing, Digital Rebranding, Direct Marketing, Integrated Marketing, PR, Publishing, SEO, Strategic Marketing , Visual Branding, and Website Development are a few of over 30 customized services we offer.   




Strategic Marketing Design, Publishing, Search Engine Optimization, Campaign Management, Visual Design, Digital Marketing, Website Design